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As natural progression with any artist's career we always want to test our limits and try new adventures. I've always wanted to make an attempt at a clothing collection but unfortunately I've never had any major inspirations to push me in the direction of clothing. During the summer of 2013, the dust in my life had settled for the most part. I took a step back and looked at my life, and I couldn't have been happier. Everything I ever aspired to achieve I had done so at that point in life. A successful career, wonderful marriage, beautiful home & meaningful friendships. However things outside of my life and control seemed to be changing. The people, the venues I visited and overall attitudes seemed to be different. I've always been told that I have an "old soul" and that I'm very old fashioned, all of this being said, sparked my inspiration.

Roots was founded on the belief that no matter what, you should stay on your path and achieve greatness based on your own standards, not others. People are beginning to drift away from what they believe in to please the opinions of other individuals. With that being said, the first piece we decided to release was our "Stay True" shirt.

I sat down many nights with family and friends pondering if I really should do this. Would I be stepping on anyone's toes, could I potentially lose friends (I tend to worry and over think things too often). I couldn't have asked for a more supportive group of people who literally made me pull the trigger to launch the Roots Collection. They helped me realize that by doing this, I am staying true to my roots! 

As we passed our one year anniversary, I had reached goals that I did not expect to come near within the first year. My ultimate goal was that if I could share my vision with one person and redirect their perspective to understand my message then I had accomplished something. In no way do I ever want profit to become my main focus, but rather just a way to express my vision of a better lifestyle.

I cannot thank you all enough for the countless hours of my worrying, pondering and complaining that you endured in the beginning year, and to those who are still reading I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my inspirational story. Without the support and love from family and friends, I'm not sure where I would be today. However, I do know that I will always stay humble to everyone around me by taking the time to listen to their inspirational story and absorb every ounce to put towards my next project in life!

We are all here to help one another in life but don't sacrifice what you believe in to achieve the acceptance of your peers. Most importantly...


- Brandon Fugitt

Founder of Roots Collection

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